DragonBite Software is an independent video game software development studio. Founded in , we started as an open-source group of developers back in . DragonBite Software mainly develops video games on the PC platform (Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux and macOS).

Our foundation:

  • We love to make games that hardcore-players would like to play.
  • We aim to please the old-school gamer and bring the fun back in gaming!
  • We will never emit to just releasing some title because we had to.

Unfortunately DragonBite Software is no longer active. The website is being maintained for nostalgic reasons. Thank you to everyone, for your support.


List of games being developed by us.

Alien Shock (codename)

A 3rd person shooter arena survival game. Game-play will feature intense top down arcade-like shoot em up with multiple enemies and enemy types converging upon the player from multiple vectors. We hope you will like the end result.

Alien Shock Hydralisk modelAlien Shock Hydralisk animated walk
Alien Shock coming when its done!

Fly (codename)

Fly is a story driven action game, mission based, coop based and top down shooter.